Mike Acker is a speaker, leadership coach, and bestselling author, with over 19 years of experience in speaking, leadership development, and organizational management.

Known for his authenticity, humor, and engaging presence, Mike specializes in fostering personal and organizational awareness, allowing the audience to personalize his presentations.


His expertise in communications and leadership has drawn a wide range of engagements including executive teams, emerging leaders, non-profit organizations, churches, and public schools.



Confidence through Communication

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Team Growth Tracks

Workshops - communication, confidence, leadership growth track

Determine Your Destination






Confidence through Communication


Confidence is crucial to increased success.

Promotions, sales, and effective leadership are directly connected to confidence. 


Interviewers often hire candidates based on the ability to communicate and the mere appearance of confidence.

So where does confidence come from and how do you increase confidence.

Experience Mike Acker's keynote presentation on the three sources of confidence.


Learn the elements that contribute to confidence and how to implement in your situation, leadership, and life.

Team Oriented

Growth Tracks

As a communication coach Mike Acker commonly works with managers, business owners, and c-suite executives. After individual coaching, he is often invited to address their teams concerning communication. After all, communication is the lifeblood of any organization.

Leadership, culture, strategy, growth plans, teams, productivity, and every other component of a company or organization must be communicated to be implemented.

Increase the effectiveness of your teams by bringing Mike Acker into your business or organization for a series of team and personal communications coaching.

Determine Your Destination



Goals must be more than a poster on the wall, a desire in the heart, or a well craft mantra often forgotten.

Goals must be the destination we purposefully direct our energy and drive our efforts towards.

What does this look like?

This inspirational keynote has been modified for business retreats, student organizations, and churches. In each setting, it is customized to motivate people to intentional action.

Choose this topic to inspire your team to take their next steps in the journey that lies ahead.



Author & Speaker

Learning from Mike has been great. He has such amazing suggestions and tweaks for how to grow  just by changing some small things, things I never would have thought about.


Executive Producer

The strategies Mike shared have been simple to understand, easy to engage, and yet profound in their impact.


QTE President

Mike's speaking and coaching have become an integral part of my business' growth.



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