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Mike Acker is a keynote speaker, top-rated author, speaker trainer, and executive coach with over twenty years of speaking, leadership development, and organizational management experience.

While continuing engagement in corporate and personal communication training, Mike Acker's passion to provide global poverty relief led him to embrace the role of Executive Director of Go On The Mission in 2024.

Mike also enjoys soccer, skiing, Disney trips, church, playing with his son Paxton, and going on dates with his wife Taylor. No matter if he is bringing out the best in the audience, playing with family, or connecting with friends, Mike Acker practices being present.

I Help
People Realize Their
Potential in Leadership & Communication & Life

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Adobe - Corporate client of Mike Acker
Aver - Corporate client of Mike Acker
Microsoft - Corporate clients of Mike Acker
Boston School District - Worked with several key leaders
AMIN - Marketing network where I have spoken and trained
Patterson - Former employer and regular place for clients


I specialize in helping

peoplerealize their potential


Keynote Speaker Mike Acker at Experience Inbound
Barnes and Nobles carries Mike Acker's books
Forbes Featured Mike Acker's book Speak with No Fear
TEDx Speaker and Trainer
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