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Speak to Overcome

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Overcome your presentation anxiety in 30 days! A COMPLETE PROGRAM: Flexible course curriculum to fit your schedule. 1:1 recorded coaching sessions with Mike Acker. Monthly small group coaching cohort with Mike Acker and like-minded professionals. This helps you: Receive professional feedback from an expert speaker / professional coach. Set a pace that works for your calendar. Find a community that creates a safe place to try out new speaking skills. THE COURSE This SPEAK TO OVERCOME course utilizes video teaching, worksheets, and written lessons to guide you through identifying who you are as a speaker, leader, and individual. You will learn to overcome your fear, gain internal confidence, and appreciate your own uniqueness. This course will help you realize and act on the truth that YOU are the message, and that you are worth the attention of the audience. THE COACHING SPEAK TO OVERCOME contains 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with bestselling author and executive communication, Mike Acker. THE SMALL GROUP COMMUNITY Additionally, you will receive a small group-coaching schedule and ZOOM invites for the monthly coaching sessions. Overcome your presentation anxiety in 30 days!

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