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Based on the International Best-Selling book, Speak With No Fear

Lack of confidence in communication detracts from teamwork, productivity, and even profitability. 

Even the most competent team members often struggle feeling confident in their verbal communication.  This misfiring of communication can even create problems and conflict. Instead of allowing the status quo to continue confront it.


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of it.”

Mark Twain



Management wants employees to engage. Employees want supervisors to lead. Team members want team cohesion. Departments want improved interdepartmental relationships. Improving confidence communication is the answer.


Confident communicators…

  • express their ideas instead of letting embarrassment quite them

  • positively receive constructive criticism

  • effectively represent and sell to others 

  • provide feedback without ulterior motives

  • get to the point instead of wasting time by rambling

  • engage with others in virtual meetings and in-person settings


In this program Mike reveals the three sources of confidence.  He will reveal and apply how these sources affect us and how we can overcome insecurity and the corresponding ineffectiveness to be incredible contributions to the people around us. 


We are excited to offer up to 100 copies of the newly released 2nd edition of my book, SPEAK WITH NO FEAR.  50% for any company or organization booking me for anything of the following programs between now and the end of 2023.



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Speak With No Fear, has earned over 800 positive reviews on Amazon and claimed a place on 


Mike Acker is the fifth highest ranked communication author on Amazon. Speak With No Fear is the highest ranked book on overcoming fear of speaking. 

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