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Based on Mike Acker's New Book & Workbook
CONNECT through

In today’s fast-paced, competitive work environment... 


… how effective are you as a leader of personal influence, impact, and inspiration? 

… how well do you connect with your team and create a culture of connection for others?


Emotional intelligence (EI), our ability to manage our emotions and navigate our personal and professional relationships successfully, is the game-changer. 




This dynamic presentation offers you practical tools for professional excellence and high-performance in leadership and life. 


  • Assess level’s of emotional intelligence

  • Learn to master self through regulation and motivation

  • Avoid disconnection and emotional hijacking

  • Demonstrate and increase empathy 

  • Bridge gaps and build strong relationships

  • Learn actionable skills for resiliency and stress management

  • Recognize the contagious influence of your emotions in leadership encounters 



This presentation is ideal for Keynote speaking, ranging from 45-60 minutes long. It can also be delivered as a 90-minute workshop with time for questions and answers.


With the explosion of our information age and the increased potential of the incoming workforce, it has become clear that to lead with impact, one has to fully engage the minds, emotions, and spirit of those they lead. While many managers today are skilled at presenting team goals and strategies, the skillsets of emotional intelligence and leveraging the brain science of high performance are the new competitive edge. Empowering your team to feel emotionally connected with their purpose and to one another is imperative.


We are excited to offer up to 100 copies of the newly released book Connect Through Emotional Intelligence. 50% for any company or organization booking me for anything of the following programs between now and the end of 2023.

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