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Strategic, tailored, and flexible. Coaching to accelerate your performance, restore balance, and make the impact you desire. 

Through our leadership coaching engagement, you will: 


  • Discover clarity your professional goals and desired actions through extensive pre-work

  • Create a complete life plan in uncertain times 

  • Prioritize your MVP’s through time mastery and essential tactics

  • Achieve balance and fullness in your health and fitness goals through world-class strategies

  • Improve your communication for work, relationship, and all-around life

  • Find profound fulfillment and take significant steps towards your legacy

  • Identify strengths and two developing skills for more effective impact and influence

  • Eliminate fears around speaking and presenting

  • Incorporate Emotional Intelligence into your leadership, speaking, and life

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to fit your needs and fulfill your goals



Start your work with an in-depth look at your drivers, coaching preference, and initial 30-day goals.


Complimentary Books

Mike Acker is the 5th highest ranked communication author. As part of signing up for executive coaching, receive leadership and communication books and workbooks written by Mike Acker.


Strategic Modules

In working with Mike, you have access to flexible yet planned strategies. Throughout the coaching relationship, you have access to work on modules such as: living by design - not default, quarterly SMART goals, overcoming obstacles and limitations, strength and weaknesses, feedback loops, the 3 R’s of motivation, life mapping extraordinary goals, kick@ss productivity, executive presence, decision-making matrix, and more.  


Initial Onsite

Zoom conferencing allows premier coaching to happen around the world from the convenience of our offices. However, there is value in starting the coaching with an onsite. Included in the contract, Mike Acker performs a safe trip to the nearest continental metropolitan area. This half-day chunks time together to kickoff coaching with a significant boost to accelerate leadership and communication.

One Monthly Zoom

Working with Mike, you can schedule out calls several months ahead, with the flexibility to adjust to your changing calendar as the session approaches.

The Public Speaking School

Access to Mike Acker’s online communication course: The Public Speaking School.  Since its online debut, participants have raved at the confidence they build through the program.

+Two Monthly Zoom Sessions

As more frequently visiting the gym speeds up physical fitness, more coaching sessions accelerate leaders’ performance. Instead of just one call per month, opt in to schedule two calls per month.

+360º Assessment

Invite Mike to evaluate your leadership and communication by surveying and speaking with core people in your life.

++Mid-Point Onsite

After three months of coaching, meet for a second half-day to work on Executive Presence, Signature Talks, and increasing influence by creating new platforms.

++Trusted Advisor

Sometimes life can’t wait until the next scheduled session. In periods of rapid change and essential decisions, have quick contact with Mike by text or call for on-demand and in-the-moment coaching. Ideal when you need a trusted expert for third-party feedback or just someone to listen and understand.

+ Included in the Master and Elite Level coaching

++ Included in the Elite Level coaching


I reached out to Mike to request some coaching for my business. Since then my business has tripled and he has coached me for leadership, business growth, and communication. He has motivated me to write a book, expand my vision, and go bigger in life.

Steve Bode

Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Author


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