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Lesson's from my Son's Soccer

Each week I get to watch my son practice or play soccer. We regularly go out to the field and pass the ball around while talking and trying out moves. We watch MLS and read novels where Leo joins the Academy.


I played soccer so I want to pass my love onto my son. But I have noticed something annoying.


If Coach Nate tells my son something, he hears it differently than when I tell him the same thing.


Can you relate?


You tell kids something and they nod. But… a COACH says something, and it is novel, eye-opening, extraordinary, and soooo helpful. Now I understand what my parents felt like!


It’s the nature of coaching. A good coach brings perspective. A coach helps you see what you don’t even if someone close to you has already told you that same thing. A coach helps you see what you need to see, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Then the coach works with you to improve and get better. These steps towards becoming a better version of yourself then turn into confidence as your performance soars and you see the change in your speaking, leadership, productivity, and personal growth.


Coaching works. It works for my son. It works on me. It works for you. So, who is your coach?


As Summer has started, make this the summer of confidence, and get started with a coach who can help you get where you want to go!


Sign up for a discovery call with me to see if I’m the coach you need:

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