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What Does a Successful Person Look Like?

How you look matters. Reflect on your close friends and family members and who you think is ahead of the game of life. How does their appearance project success?

A relevant aspect of portraying success is image. Your image is compiled of your personal appearance and how you behave, plus your attitudes. If you want to project success to others, follow the tips below.

Your Physical Body

Take a thorough look at your physique. If you were to see someone whose physical body looked like yours, would you see them as successful? Survey these aspects:

  1. Your skin/facial complexion. Is your skin clear or do you have acne or patches of dry, flaky skin?

  2. Your teeth. Because your teeth are integral to your smile (not to mention good health), how do they look? Do you need dental care? Maybe you would benefit from using an over-the-counter whitening product at home.

  3. Your hair. Maintain neat and clean hair. Regular, consistent haircuts and colorings (if you use them) contribute to looking your best.

  4. Shape of your body. Looking at your own physique honestly and without judgment can be a real challenge. However, if you can do it with an honest, open heart and diplomacy, you’ll be able to tackle the areas that trouble you.

  5. Overall upkeep of your body. Whether you’re a woman or a man, do you keep nails and cuticles looking healthy and taken care of? Do you apply lotion to banish skin dryness? Taking time for the final touches contributes to your confidence and a successful look.

What changes should you make, if any? If your skin is clear, your teeth are healthy and white, and you’re proud of your body and how well you maintain it, then you’re on your way to looking successful.

Your Behavior

Evaluating your own behavior isn’t easy. Take a closer look at how you act around others—your family members, friends, and co-workers.

  1. Overall, how you conduct yourself is the key. Although the meaning of the words, “lady” and “gentleman” has morphed over the years, ponder about how people might view you. If you had to sum up your behavior in one word, what would that word be?

  2. Do you verbally express yourself well? Do you speak with articulation and proper speech/grammar? Your verbal expression “tells the tale” of how successful you are.

  3. Do you display good listening skills? A successful person is more focused on listening to what others have to say rather than doing all the talking. The ability to listen is important for those who strive to appear successful.

  4. Make it a point to take care of business. If you use efficiency in your personal and professional lives, you’ll stand a better chance of looking successful.

  5. Keep things around you neat and organized. When you can quickly retrieve what you’re looking for and live in a well-taken-care-of home and office, you get things done more quickly. Being neat and organized is often an important aspect of success.

When it comes to looking successful, your behavior matters. How you conduct yourself illustrates your true level of success.

Your Attitude

Finally, your approach to life—your attitude—is an integral part of appearing (and being) successful.

  1. Do you think positively? A successful person is compelled to move forward in life. Thinking positively makes this possible.

  2. Use tact and diplomacy. Make it a goal to use a business-like attitude when approaching others. You’ll accomplish far more this way.

  3. Show care and concern toward others. The attitude you portray toward others will contribute to your own success. Treating others as equals and being concerned about them can even draw others to you.

Your attitude is important to appearing successful. Thinking positively, using tact and diplomacy and demonstrating care toward others are elements to possess when you’re striving to look successful.

If you want to be successful, you must look the part. If you take care with your body, consider your own behavior, and keep positive attitudes, you’re likely to not only look successful but you’ll also be successful as well.


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- Mike Acker

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