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Inspiration, motivation and direction 

towards a life of significance and purpose.

Tim and Maggie Acker were drug smuggler. 


A generation later… 


Their son builds homes, digs wells, and establishes schools in impoverished areas.


What led lawbreakers to eventually raise two kids who lead businesses, raise healthy families, give to those in need, support non-profit organizations, and even pay taxes? What caused the kids of drug takers and drug dealers to raise kids who never even tried drugs?


What causes people to change and to grow? 


Tim and Maggie’s conscious choices changed the destiny of their children.


Mike Acker retells stories of dancing in hippie communes, traveling china by train, overcoming a significant speech impediment, moving to Mexico, getting beaten by bullies, wandering lost in the desert, giving up entry into the ‘Harvard’ of Mexico, and ultimately serving others. In this inspiring keynote, Mike weaves in four choices that change everything: the way we work, the activities we prioritize, and the legacies we leave. 


The choices of the past made us. But we can change, we can evolve, we can choose again. 


“Where you are is not where you have to be.”

Mike Acker

Invite Mike Acker to speak to lift spirits, inspire change, and leave legacies of significance. 


10% of the booking fee goes directly to feeding and clothing kids in Mexico where Mike lived for 7 years. 


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