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Corporate Training

My corporate training programs are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization. They are designed around my areas of expertise in communication, leadership, sales, and emotional intelligence. See below for some of my more common programs, and discover how we can work together to unlock your team's potential.

Confident Communication & Executive Presence

Enhance communication skills with my tailored workshops. Designed to improve speaking abilities and streamline messaging systems, these sessions help you build a strong framework for confident communication. Interactive and engaging, the workshops provide actionable plans for ongoing development as effective communicators.

Develop executive presence with focused training. Learn to project confidence, authority, and authenticity in professional settings. My workshops offer strategies to overcome impostor syndrome and ensure you feel empowered and prepared to lead with excellence. Unlock your potential with these comprehensive executive presence workshops.

Sell with No Fear

Training Program

Based on my extensive work in persuasion, sales training, and the Sell with No Fear framework, I will train your sales team using my proven V x 2 + P formula. This comprehensive training covers essential topics like storytelling, making convincing and compelling presentations, and building a strong narrative arc.

Your sales team will leave with a robust framework and practiced skills in the art of sales. With my background including transforming an $800,000 territory into a $4 million one within one year at a global veterinary supplies distributor, I bring real-world success and expertise to the training. Empower your team to sell with confidence and clarity, and let’s unlock their full potential and drive remarkable sales growth.

Speak & Meet Virtually

Train Your Trainers to Go from Impersonal Presentations to Engaging, Efficient, and Empowering Web Conferencing

Companies that successfully embrace hybrid and remote work will gain a competitive edge over those that don’t, especially as they are able to attract and retain talent uninterested in the old desk and cubicle routine.

In his Speak & Meet Virtually Train the Trainer program, best-selling author and corporate trainer, Mike Acker guides you on how to train your team to go from Zoom fatigue, online meeting boredom, and impersonal presentations to engaging, efficient, and empowering web conferencing

Emotional Intelligence

Workshop & Train the Trainer Program

As the work world continues to change, Emotional Intelligence has become one of the most important training areas for employees. Not only is it vital for success, it is also one of the most attainable. Not everyone can run a four-minute mile or design the next game-changing tech, but anyone can improve their Emotional Intelligence.

This Emotional Intelligence Workshop and/or Train the Trainer Program by Mike Acker provides understanding, new training tools, and directed exercises to lead participants in personal development that benefits the entire workplace.

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