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Executive Coaching

During challenging times, coaching provides an edge to stay sharp and inspired. Leverage one-on-one coaching with Mike Acker, who excelled as a director, consultant, and executive. Now, he leads a non-profit, writes, speaks, and coaches top leaders from the US military, international corporations, startups, and medical fields.

Communication, Leadership & Performance

Advancing successful leaders to higher levels of personal influence, impact, and inspiration is my focus. With Executive Coaching, you'll save yourself years of trial and error as you encounter the framework for confidence in communication, world-class leadership tactics, accountability, and performance strategies. You'll learn it's never a lack of resources that's holding you back, but a lack of awareness, trusted feedback, and the right strategic plan.

You will discover how to shatter your past performance levels and take your mindset, productivity, communication, leadership, and results to an entirely new level of the elite and world-class.

Through our executive coaching engagement, you will:

  • Discover clarity around your professional goals and desired actions through extensive pre-work

  • Create a complete life plan in uncertain times

  • Prioritize your MVPs through time mastery and essential tactics

  • Achieve balance and fullness in your health and fitness goals through world-class strategies

  • Improve your communication for work, relationships, and all-around life

  • Find profound fulfillment and take significant steps towards your legacy

  • Identify strengths and two developing skills for more effective impact and influence

  • Eliminate fears around speaking and presenting

  • Incorporate Emotional Intelligence into your leadership, speaking, and life

Executive Coaching Programs by Mike Acker
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