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Explore Mike Acker's Signature Talk on The Language of Leadership along with other key speeches
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The Language of Leadership

In this captivating keynote, top-rated author Mike Acker delves into the vital role of communication in successful leadership. And unveils powerful strategies and techniques to leverage effective communication, inspiring and influencing others to achieve unparalleled success as leaders.

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Five Drivers of Success

Mike Acker reveals the five non-negotiable drivers of success: knowledge, experience, communication, emotional intelligence, and drive. Discover why these drivers are more critical than talent alone and how to eliminate the limiters that are holding you back from achieving your true potential. Whether you're just starting out or aiming to reach new heights, this talk provides a reliable roadmap to success.

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Lead with No Fear

Your 90-day leader shift from worry, insecurity, and self-doubt to inspiration, clarity, and confidence.

In this uncertain age of worry, insecurity, and self- doubt, how will your team act, manage, and lead change for greater inspiration, clarity, and confidence? In this session, Mike will teach how to unlock 7 Key Leadership Shifts for greater influence and impact.

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Mike Acker has been speaking professionally for more than two decades. While The Language of Leadership remains his signature talk.


He has repeatedly spoken on Emotional Intelligence, Executive Presence, Resilience, Converting Criticism to Confidence and Non-profit Leadership. 

You can find him on YouTube HERE 

See his TEDx Talk HERE

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