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12 Tips to Overcome Laziness

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

You know that you have a lot of things to do. You may even have big plans for the future, but you can’t seem to motivate yourself to get off the couch or off the internet. Everyone experiences laziness from time to time.

However, the most successful people are able to push laziness aside and take action.

Overcome laziness and find motivation from within with these ideas:

1. Alternate between periods of high focus and relaxation. Use a timer and focus for all you’re worth for 25 minutes. Then, take a five-minute break and do whatever you like. Just knowing that you only have to last for 25 minutes can be enough to motivate yourself to get busy.

2. Focus on the positive aspects of getting your work done. Think about the positive feelings you’ll experience when you’ve completed your work. Make a list of all the advantages of doing your work right now.

3. Be tough. Maybe it shouldn’t matter whether or not you feel like doing what needs to be done. Just do it! Easier said than done, but simple nevertheless.

4. Declutter. Excess chaos in your working space can sap the motivation and energy right out of you. Take a few minutes to clear off your desk and tidy things up a bit. Avoid using this as an excuse to procrastinate.

5. Focus on the long-term. Where will your life be in a year or five years from now if you stop being lazy? Where will you be if you continue on the path you’re traveling right now? Those with motivation issues often look at the short-term. The most effective actions require patience before the benefits appear.

6. Use your lazy time wisely. Just lying around isn’t that relaxing unless you make the most of it. Use your downtime to read a book, enjoy a hobby, or spend time with friends. Avoid wasting this precious time in a way that fails to add to your life in some way.

7. Get some help. Ask for help from a trusted friend or family member. You’ll feel bad about being lazy when someone is by your side and lending a helping hand.

8. Accept the fact that some tasks just aren’t enjoyable. Successful living requires doing a few things each day that you’d rather not do. Just get it done as painlessly as possible.

9. Create a to-do list each night. Before you close your eyes and start counting sheep, make a list of the four most important things to do tomorrow. When your feet hit the floor in the morning, you’ll already know what needs to be done. Give yourself a running start.

10. Become more aware of time. Time can easily slip by while watching TV or surfing the internet. Keep an eye on the time, regardless of your current task. At the end of each hour, ask yourself what you’ve accomplished.

11. Plan an enjoyable weekend. Knowing that you have a fun weekend to look forward to can make it easier to stay busy during the week.

12. Get some exercise. A good workout will wake you up and get the juices flowing. Daily exercise can make a significant difference in your ability to work hard and stay focused.

Have you been lazy lately? Use these tips to lessen the amount of laziness you experience in your life. Stay busy during the week and make the most of your weekends. You can’t afford to be lazy when the rewards for overcoming laziness are so great!

- Photo by GRÆS Magazine on Unsplash

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