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5 Ways To Ensure You Complete Your Important Projects

Projects often sound great in theory, but they can quickly become a tangled web of confusion. Before you know it, you’ve committed to something but you don’t have the time or the energy to finish it!

That dream project that you started may end up never being completed, leaving you feeling as though you’ve wasted your time and not committed fully.

There are ways to make sure you complete your important projects. You just have to be patient, resilient, and believe that the result will be worth all of the stress.

5 Ways To Ensure You Complete Your Projects

1. Set goals. If you have smart and achievable goals, you will be able to map out exactly what sort of shape you want your project to take.

  • Create short-term goals so you can watch your progress and get consistent results. Alternatively, create longer-term goals so you know what sort of results you want to see over an extended period.

  • Remember, short-term goals are fantastic when you want quick results and you want to see how the project is coming along. Long-term goals allow you to plan but also have a clear idea in mind of what you’re trying to achieve. Goals give a sense of achievement and ambition.

2. Document your progress. Whether your project involves drawing, painting, building, knitting, a fitness regime, or even a house extension, it can be fun to document progress and keep a record of the stages.

  • Get creative and take photos of different stages of your projects so you can appreciate just how far you have come. You may even want to create a scrapbook that will allow you to marvel at the work you’ve done.

  • This may even increase your productivity. You may find yourself determined to finish the scrapbook, which actually motivates you to finish the project too!

3. Share progress with friends. Discuss your project with friends. Share your documents, your long-term goals, your photographs, and your ambitions.

  • By sharing your goals with your friends, you're permitting them to ask how the project is going regularly.

  • This may make you less inclined to back out of a project. By sharing progress with friends, you are gaining their interest, enthusiasm, and support, and you can ask them to help spur you on and motivate you when you’re close to the finish line!

4. Get others involved. Could your project involve the local community? Perhaps you could use the advice and guidance from other people. If your project particularly lends itself to teamwork or community spirit, consider getting other people involved.

  • Often, a job shared is a job halved and you may make new friends out of it. If a project can be shared, consider letting other people join in the fun!

5. Reward yourself. If you are keen on committing to a project and you want to make sure you have as much motivation as possible, give yourself a reward to motivate you to finish it.

  • You could book a short break away, buy yourself some new clothes, or buy something for your home.

Perhaps the easiest way to succeed and motivate yourself to commit to a project is to remind yourself of why you started it in the first place, and visualize how rewarding it will be to know you have tangible results.


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- Mike Acker

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