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7 Daily Habits of Outstanding Leaders

Would you like to become an outstanding leader? Use this checklist as a reminder of the important leadership-building skills you can develop on your personal development journey.

For best results, focus on developing one habit at a time. Once that habit is ingrained, then start developing another one.

Your journey to great leadership has begun!

1. Make your bed

○ Establish a morning routine that gets you ready for your day

○ Establish a nightly routine to sleep soundly and prepare you for the next day

2. Act according to your values

○ Clarify your values

○ Make decisions based on your values

3. Be creative

○ Write - daily journal or Morning Pages

○ Make something new

○ Be flexible - let go of expectations and keep an open mind

4. Practice mindfulness

○ Practice mindfulness meditation - focus on your breath

○ Make time for mindfulness activities, like coloring or nature walks

○ Integrate mindfulness into your daily routines

5. Trust others

○ Delegate

○ Empower your team

○ Encourage innovation

○ Give direction

6. Be authentic

○ Live according to your values

○ Practice compassion - for yourself and others

○ Communicate clearly: listen, pay attention to your body language, understand what you need to communicate

7. Exercise

○ Mental health: do exercises that lift your mood

○ Physical health: do exercises that build your strength, fitness, and discipline

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