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A 5-Minute Guide for Updating Your Public Relations Strategy

If you want your brand to make a positive impression, it’s important to ensure that your public relations strategy keeps up with the times. Today, you have more opportunities to tell your story, but you have to stand out from the crowd.

Years ago, you may have depended on writing a press release that could capture the interest of a small circle of journalists. Now, you have a wide variety of channels and methods for shaping the conversation.

Refreshing your PR strategy can help you strengthen your brand reputation and become more connected. Start with this 5-minute guide to 3 key areas.

Engage Influencers

It’s easy to make fun of influencers. You’ve probably heard jokes about self-appointed tastemakers who overestimate public interest in their skin care routine and expect businesses to give them free stuff. However, these relationships can be powerful if you choose wisely.

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Understand the value. How effective are influencers? According to some surveys, almost half of consumers rely on their recommendations, and many marketers say they’re more profitable than other marketing initiatives.

  2. Do your research. You may want to start by examining your own following to see if you have a candidate who’s already a fan. Online searches and social media monitoring tools can also help you find someone relevant and popular.

  3. Build a connection. For maximum impact, try to develop a lasting relationship. It will help you to demonstrate your authenticity, and your influencer will be more familiar with your brand.

Share Content

Some trends come and go, but content has staying power. Investing in your creative output can make you more successful.

Try these strategies:

  1. Prioritize inbound methods. Content is key to attracting customers who are looking for the products and services you offer. It usually costs less than paid media and produces higher quality traffic and leads.

  2. Develop partnerships. Co-branding is a proven way to build trust and widen your audience. Look for non-competing organizations that align with your values and demographics.

  3. Take pictures. Forbes recently cited a study saying that 91% of consumers prefer interactive and visual content over traditional text-based media. Your content will gain more likes and shares if you add photos, infographics, and other images.

  4. Live stream. Today’s software makes it easy to create and stream videos. You can broadcast your events and other features.

  5. Hold conversations. Spend time listening to your audience too. Encourage user content and make it easy for them to contact you. Make your replies thoughtful and prompt.

  6. Appeal to emotions. Companies like Apple show how brand intimacy builds deeper connections and loyalty. Ask yourself what your brand stands for and how you create a positive experience for your audience.

Keep up with Technology

Do you struggle to adapt to rapid change? Remember that emerging technologies may help you to grow your business while saving time and money.

These techniques will help:

  1. Use analytics. How well do you use the raw data and statistics you collect? Business analytics is the buzzword for technology and procedures that identify meaningful patterns and give you insights for making sound decisions.

  2. Explore artificial intelligence. Smart machines are already transforming the way we do business. Stay ahead of the curve by investing in AI. Use it to support your own efforts and reduce risk for your business.

  3. Stick with what works. While you’re discovering new tools, you may find some old methods still have value. For example, email and text communications may be part of the mix for your next public relations campaign.

Take a fresh look at what kind of brand image you want to present. Clarifying your priorities will help you to focus on the latest techniques and trends that match your public relations goals.


Thank you for reading our blog!

- Mike Acker

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