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Accepting Situations as They Are

There is a sense of peace that comes from knowing what I am unable to control. I can see things as they are and accept them.

Being accepting means looking at a situation as it is and avoiding the urge to color it with my biases. Doing this allows me to feel satisfied with the approach I take to resolving it. I know that some issues are beyond my ability to solve.

My mind is at ease when I am in a financial rut because I know my money stretches only so far. I avoid the urge to let stress take hold.

Asking my creditors for time to settle a debt is the wise thing to do. It shows that I am willing to resolve the issue. It also shows that I am committed to meeting my obligations. Maintaining my positive character is important to me.

I know how to remain calm and confident in the face of adversity. When I commit to finding a solution, I feel instantly at ease.

It is pointless walking around frustrating myself because of a situation as it is today. My attention is always on how to alter the situation for a more favorable tomorrow. I refuse to be bogged down by today’s challenges.

Today, my focus is on making tomorrow a brighter day than the days before. My peace of mind is maintained because I move on from how things are today and concentrate on making them ideal for the future. I go easy on myself.


  1. What can I do to calm my mind when I sense anxiety coming on?

  2. Who are some of the people I rely on to offer creative suggestions?

  3. What does my ideal future look like?

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