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In our exploration of the 3 Verbs - Actions to Improve Your Online Communication, Mike talks with us about how to PREPARE:

Prepare to speak - not just show.

When we present with a powerpoint, we have a tendency to show the slides. But there is a REASON that you are there! The font, the graphics, the visuals should be secondary - YOU are the primary focus of your webinar, speech, or presentation. Anyone can present the visuals. YOU are what is not replaceable.

To PREPARE the best you can:

  • Prepare EARLY! Leaving the speaking prep to the last minute will cause you to sound like you don't know what you are talking about - even if the slides tell the whole story!

  • Practice - again and again. Practice makes perfect.

  • Show up early. Make sure everything - including you - are ready to go, well before your starting time. Avoid the panic and stress of the last-minute setup!

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