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On June 2nd my book Speak With No Fearwas published and launched. It instantly became a best seller. People ask, “how did you write a best seller when you have a full schedule.” Here is the answer: morning routine.

The words ‘morning routine’ might sound intimidating, like something only millionaires or celebrities can handle, but you already have your own morning routine – even if you aren’t fully aware of what it is and how it’s affecting you! More often than not, the difference lies in how you make the most of your early hours before the hectic, frantic, exhausting day sets in. After all, either you run the day… or the day runs you.

A great way to settle into morning routines is to get inspired by someone who already has a successful, productive one going, and the last blog in this series outlined the morning routines of three such people: Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, and Tony Robbins. Here are some more examples of celebrities who know how to “run” their day.

Arianna Huffington

Contrary to a lot of early-bird celebrities, the bestselling author and founder of Huffington Post believes in focusing more on what notto do than what to do: not using technology, not relying on alarms to wake up, and not rushing to get out of bed. Instead, she wakes up after a full 8 hours of rest, takes a deep breath, feels grateful, and sets her intention for the day to come.

This sort of morning routine would work best if you like to ease your way into the day after getting plenty of rest and waking up on your own terms.

Jennifer Aniston

This Hollywood actress is possibly one of the fittest celebrities out there, and it shows in her morning routine. She starts by drinking a cup of warm water with lemon, washes and moisturizes her face, and meditates for 20 mins. Her breakfast consists of a protein, fruit, and vegetable shake, after which she exercises with a trainer.

If you’re already active and health-conscious, you would do well to take after Jen Aniston and her morning routine.

Indra Nooyi

The former CEO of PepsiCo’s morning routine ideology clashes harshly with the first example mentioned in this blog. She generally sleeps only four hours a night, and is up by 4 am and in the office by 7 am. She says what motivates her to get up early is a healthy fear of the world changing – and the conviction that, to win, she has to change faster and be more agile than anyone else.

Fear isn’t the best motivator for some people, but if you’re a morning person already and you agree that fear can definitely ‘wake’ you up, then Indra Nooyi’s super-early-bird routine might work wonders for you!


No matter what, morning routines are very individualistic, and what works for a well known celebrity may not work for you. But experimentation is key until you figure out how best to greet the day when the sun rises. Get up, get inspired, and get working for your best life!

- Mike Acker

Lead Coach & Speaker at ADVANCE

Author of the bestselling book, Speak With No Fear


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