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Making Time For Yourself: Our Top Tips

In our busy world of jobs, children, family, and socializing, carving out time yourself can feel like an impossible task. However, this is an important priority to maintain. Making time for yourself helps improve your mental health, reduce stress, and improve your quality of life.

Wondering how you can create extra time each day that is solely dedicated to your wellbeing? Then read on.

Accept Imperfection

This can be tricky, especially if you like to be in control. Taking time for yourself requires being able to accept that things cannot be perfect all the time. This also includes accepting that you cannot get everything done. You need to learn when to delegate or walk away.

  • Learning to accept that something is “good enough” can be a challenge, but it is key to finding balance in your life.

Schedule “You” Time

If you have a doctor's appointment, you are not going to ignore it. This is the attitude you need to have when it comes to making time for yourself. Scheduling specific time for yourself means you are more likely to stick to it, and not skip this much-needed attention.

  • Treating yourself as an afterthought can lead to burnout. Make yourself your number one priority every now and then.

Find Something To Make Time For

It can be hard to justify making time for yourself if you have no idea how you will fill it. Make sure you have something planned that you simply cannot say no to.

This could be reading a chapter of a book, painting your nails, taking a walk, working on a project, or even taking a bath. It just needs to make you happy.

  • Giving time to things outside of work, friends, and family helps you feel more balanced and whole.

Change Your Routine

Sometimes, finding time for yourself may involve changing up your routine. Try getting up an hour earlier each day to take some time for yourself. Or, learn to say “no” to commitments that don’t really replenish you.

  • Learning the power of “no” can be extremely liberating. You may be surprised at how much free time you have when you shed obligations that you have no passion for! Remember, you can still be polite, kind, and assertive when saying “no”.

Take A Break From Tech

In some cases, technology can do more harm than good. Try not to make your personal time revolve around tech. Instead, take a break from screens and give your eyes and mind a much-needed break.

  • Looking at screens can interfere with your sleeping patterns, so try and avoid technology before you go to bed.

Final Thoughts

Putting others first may seem natural, and there’s no denying that it’s important to meet your responsibilities and take care of those you love. But as the old adage goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Putting yourself first now and then is the secret to a long, successful, and happy life.


Thank you for reading our blog!

- Mike Acker

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